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The Egyptian Autistic Society is a non-profit organization licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs under license number 4625. It was set up early 1999 with the mission of catering to individuals with Autism and their families and to increase awareness and understanding of Autism in Egypt. The Society is a place that parents can turn to if they suspect their child is Autistic or if their child has already been diagnosed with Autism. Upon referral or once contact with the Society takes place, parents are informed about Autism to make sure they understand the condition of their child. They receive guidance and are informed of the choices of special provision available for their child. Depending on the level the child is functioning at, a choice is made as to the approaches that will be used. Steps are taken accordingly to ensure the correct development path for the child is provided. Parents are encouraged to participate in as many activities the Society offers as they can.

The Society's main aim is to provide Early Intervention services that address Autistic children's learning and development needs: The sooner the intervention the better. The emphasis on Early Intervention is to teach the child how to cope with his/her handicap from an early age. That is important because the child will not have to unlearn poor ways of coping with his handicap that he will have developed on his own e.g. throwing a tantrum as a way of getting things. The intervention takes place through the use of approaches designed for individuals with Autism and communication disorders in the form of special provision such as special teaching curricula and communication systems, the development of social skills and behavior modification techniques. The application of these approaches into the everyday lives of the children is effective in reducing behaviors typical of individuals with Autism. They enable them to interpret or 'make sense' of the world they live in and be more independent. We aim to provide a process of change that allows each child to be integrated in the community to the extent most beneficial for him/her. The Society caters to children with Autism between the ages of 2-11 years of age. A range of professionals in the field: psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, special education teachers and trained staff are available for consultation and provision of the services needed for the children.

Staff qualifications

All staff members at the society are trained on using the PECS, ABA and the TEACCH method of teaching. Teacher aides and teachers are all graduates of psychology or special education (many are in the process of completing their masters degree). Senior staff at the society have a Masters in Education (in Autism) from the University of Birmingham, U.K.

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